Aftercare after medical treatments

For medical treatments to give excellent results, it is necessary to take into account the aftercare, which is almost as important as the procedure itself, since if they are not adequate, the result of the intervention can be damaged.

 Care after a dental intervention

If the teeth are healed, either with amalgam or ceramic, nothing should be eaten in the next 12 hours, and if possible in the following week, sweets, food should not be consumed too hard or crunchy or fizzy, as these can seriously affect the result of the intervention.

As for the treatments that have to do with dental surgeries, such as the extraction of pieces or implants, a gauze should be bitten during the 20 minutes following the intervention, which helps prevent any bleeding by facilitating healing.

Then cold should be applied to the intervened area as this helps to stop the inflammation. Ice wrapped in a cloth can be used with intervals of 15 minutes of application and 15 rest. In some places it is used to eat ice cream, since both the cold and the sugar help to coagulate the wounds, however, it is necessary to take into account that any ice cream that has milk should not be used.

In antibiotic treatment that is still prescribed, even in the case of Zirconia Crowns Tijuana, it must be taken completely, with strict schedules during the seven or ten days after the intervention, since it helps both to reduce inflammation and to avoid subsequent infections.

In the same way, you should proceed with analgesics and anti-inflammatories that help to recover from the operation in a much more comfortable way.

In the week following any brain dental intervention, try not to take food or drinks that are too hot as these increase the risk of bleeding, cold food and liquids should be taken during the first hours as this helps to calm discomfort and avoid inflammation.

A diet of soft foods that do not require greater force when chewing and are easy to eat is recommended, and any type of food that has small seeds, such as rice, blackberries, flaxseed, etc. should not be used. as these can get lodged inside the wounds and cause an infection,

It is advisable not to do any type of sport or physical activity since this can increase bleeding and tobacco consumption should be avoided at all costs since it delays the process of scarring and increases pain and the risk of infections

Post-plastic surgery care

Given that Plastic Surgery in Tijuana is a common procedure, we have chosen it as an example, although these same care can be taken after any other type of operation .

Postoperative care begins from the moment the surgery is completed and until the patient fully recovers.If

the doctor recommends that the patient be tucked in, the girdle should not be too tight, as to cause discomfort or not allow the patient to breathe normally. patient. It is advisable to have at least three girdles so that they can be changed daily and washed by hand with mild soap. So that they do not produce any type of irritation on the wounds that are in the process of healing.

Greasy citrus or fried foods should not be consumed during the postoperative period, dairy or meats during the first 10 days, it is also advisable to drink natural liquids to avoid constipation.