The oral health of older adults is of great importance to maintain a better quality of life, however, adults are more likely to acquire common dental diseases, since, due to bad habits acquired in youth , (alcohol consumption, tobacco consumption, poor hygiene and poor diet), leave a negative sequel that is manifested in many parts of the body, especially in the appearance of the teeth.

The most common diseases in the oral area are dental caries, which affect the gums and the tissues that support the structure of each tooth, that is why when diseases attack these parts of the tooth, it falls from its base, causing the total loss. The above causes that many adults have to access dental implants Tijuana.

Importance of dental implants in Tijuana

According to studies by experts in dentistry, oral diseases are present from a very early age, but they increase as people age, therefore, people aged between 35 and the 44 years have already lost at least 6 teeth, and when they reach the ages between 65 and 74 years, they can reach the loss of 18 teeth in total, hence the importance of dental implants in Tijuana. The above occurs because tooth enamel wears out as we age, this causes the teeth to become more vulnerable, losing resistance to face dental damage and cavities, among others. 

Dental care and assisted living programs in Rosarito Mexico

The adult population requires special attention to maintain a better quality of life at the end of their years, and oral health also enters into this. For this, there are programs dental health for adults and assisted living in Rosarito Mexico in which there is a service of:

  • Oral health for adults over 60 years old.
  • Outpatient dental emergency.
  • Dental implants 

The importance of dental implants in Tijuana is due to the fact that people who are already in advanced age cannot chew food well, or do it correctly, precisely because of the loss of their teeth, so they cannot ingest the necessary nutrients for proper nutrition.

On the other hand, the production of saliva decreases with age and with the consumption of some medications to treat chronic diseases, which causes dry mouth, known as xerostomia, and this causes the gums to also shrink and recede, giving way to cavities.

Care is necessary to preserve and improve oral health, since the wear of the teeth cause a lot of damage, that is why regular dental check-ups are recommended to diagnose and treat ailments that can generate much larger problems in the long term. the general health of the elderly.

Likewise, it is necessary to adopt healthy oral habits, which you can do from home.