Procedures in the body that takes time to see the final results

When we go to cosmetic surgery or orthodontics we want to see immediate results, but the reality is different. There are many types of cosmetic surgeries and procedures that will require patience, both on the part of the person who performs the procedure and the person who receives it, let’s see which ones take the longest to offer results.

Bariatric surgery

This procedure seeks to reduce the size of the stomach by almost 70% or more. It is a risky surgery that is performed in people who are overweight of more than 100 kg, who cannot decrease with exercise, and who, due to the size of their stomach, will not reduce their food intake only with discipline, because for them it is practically impossible to do it. 

Recovery from this surgery is slow and painful, it can take up to 6 months or more to see results and you have to be prepared, because in the end, the patient will have to undergo surgeries to trim all the excess of skin. Actually, it is a procedure with excellent results, but one that, in its process from the beginning to the end, can take approximately two years. 


Although more and more dentists are concerned that the procedure is not only perfect but also fast, an in-depth orthodontic treatment will not last less than 8 months so that you can begin to see the results. 

Although the teeth are susceptible to displacement in the gums under certain pressure, which is what orthodontic appliances apply, this takes time. Some dentists may offer you a change in your condition in three months, and it can be done, depending on the case, but a Tijuana dentist has indicated that these types of procedures usually take from 6 to 18 months depending on the severity of the case. 


Mommy Makeover

This is one of the most time consuming procedures, as it involves several surgeries. Although many modern mothers want to have their perfect body after having their baby, doctors advise planning the number of children you want to have and then perform the mommy makeover in Tijuana.

 This procedure involves a tummy tuck, in addition to lifting the bust, liposuction and even thinning of the hips and the annoying rolls in the back. 

All these procedures cannot be done at the same time, so it is one of the longest treatments, but it will generate excellent results. The patients are absolutely happy after all this series of surgeries and they will be beautiful mothers with perfect bodies that will simply attract all eyes.

How long can it take in general? Depending on the quantity and quality of the procedures, it is possible that in a year the surgeries will be performed sparingly to have a complete result at the end. 

All these procedures involve three factors, money, sacrifice and patience, but in the end, the results are evident, and in some cases extremely surprising! 

The high esteem that they cause in the end is one of the most important things about these procedures as they have helped thousands of people in the world to have a healthier and happier life, so, seeing the long-term results, would you be encouraged to make you any?